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Galileo maritime trial route

Results are being processed from the first Galileo maritime trials outside of mainland Europe. The long-range, high-latitude testing spanned the North Sea, following the same historical sailing route that Viking dragon-ships used 1200 years ago.

The Belgian frigate Leopold I-F930  during the first high-latitude trials of Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system sailed first from the Dutch marine base of Den Helder on 4 December 2013 to Stavanger in Norway. From there it progressed north in very rough seas with 10-m high waves, coming close to the Arctic circle on 17 December (a first for Galileo PRS observations) before heading homeward. Read more…

Galileo satellite departure to Europe’s Spaceport

The departure of the Galileo satellites from ESA’s test centre in the Netherlands  took place on 5 May. Here is a picture of that moment. After several months of testing, this latest full-capability Galileo navigation satellite left along with its twin.

Galileo satellite departure from ESTEC

Galileo satellite departure from ESTEC

Both satellites were loaded aboard trucks to be driven to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. From there, they were flown to Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana the following evening where they will be launched together by a Soyuz later this summer. Read more…

Next Galileo satellites arrive at Europe’s Spaceport

Europe’s two latest Galileo navigation satellites touched down on 7-May at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, ready for their joint launch this summer.

Galileo satellites unloaded from the Boeing 747

Galileo satellites unloaded from the Boeing 747

Packed safely within protective and environmentally controlled containers, the satellites were carried across the Atlantic aboard a Boeing 747 cargo carrier. Read more…