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First position fix with Galileo satellite-5

Galileo’s fifth satellite (FOC), recently recovered from the wrong orbit, has been combined with three predecessors (IOV) to provide its first position fix.

Galileo fix using fifth satellite

Galileo fix using fifth satellite

Test receivers at ESA’s technical centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and at the Galileo In-Orbit Test station at Redu in Belgium received the signals at 12:48 GMT on 9 December from the quartet of satellites and fixed their horizontal positions to better than 2 m. This achievement is particularly significant because the fifth satellite is the first of a new design of 22 Galileos set to be launched over the next few years. Read more…

Galileo increases safety and lower costs of European rail networks

The modernisation, integration and expansion of rail networks in the European Union is opening exciting new possibilities for Europe’s global navigation satellite systems (E-GNSS), Galileo and EGNOS. Already used to offer non-safety services such as asset management and passenger information, an augmented GNSS linked to a range of sensors could provide signalling and train control services that meet stringent European safety standards. Read more…

Galileo Sat-5 recovered and transmitting Navigation signals

Europe’s fifth Galileo satellite, one of two delivered into a wrong orbit by VS09 Soyuz-Fregat launcher in August, has transmitted its first navigation signal in space on Saturday 29 November 2014. It has reached its new target orbit and its navigation payload has been successfully switched on.

A detailed test campaign is under way now the satellite has reached a more suitable orbit for navigation purposes. Read more…