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Galileo Ground Segment

@GalileoGNSS to visit Kourou Galileo site

@GalileoGNSS is soon visiting one of the most exciting sites for people who love space related projects in general and Galileo in particular: the European Space Centre in Kourou (French Guiana).

This is the place were the Galileo satellites are launched inside a Soyuz rocket. At our return, we hope to provide all our readers a complete photo-report of the mission, for which we kindly ask for your collaboration. If you are specially interested in knowing a specific department/building in the Space Centre, please, leave a comment below and we will do our best to satisfy all of our proposals. Read more…

Galileo remote sites

@GalileoGNSS is travelling to some of the Galileo remote sites and is enjoying a lot! The pictures of the site in this post correspond to an island located in the Indian Ocean.

This is a TT&C station (Telemetry Tracking and Control). It is used to communicate with each satellite on a scheme combining regular, scheduled contacts, long-term test campaigns and contingency contacts. It is a 13-meter antenna operating in the 2 GHz Space Operations frequency bands. During normal operations, spread-spectrum modulation will be used, to provide robust, interference free operation. However, when the navigation system of a satellite is not in operation (during launch and early orbit operations or during a contingency) use of the common standard TTC modulation will allow non-ESA TTC stations to be used. In the final FOC phase there will be five TTC site (In IOV phase there were two sites deployed). Read more…