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Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France)
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The Crypto Custodian reports to the GSMC Technical Manager and the GSMC COMSEC Officer. He/she is responsible for all measures necessary to ensure the physical security and setup of all COMSEC items within his/her account, and also for supporting the PRS operators of the Operational team in crypto procedures in view of providing PRS access management services to Competent PRS Authorities (CPAs).

The jobholder’s tasks and responsibilities shall in principle include (without limitation) and subject to adjustment by his/her line manager:

Management of Crypto Account(s):
-Managing (safeguarding and control) all accountable crypto material in his/her custody and registry
-Keeping the inventory of the COMSEC items received, for his/her custody and further distribution, whilst verifying and assuring the integrity of the seals of the envelopes and parcels
-Ensuring that all movements of COMSEC items arriving/departing from the GSMC site(s) are properly recorded, packed and performed in accordance with the transportation plans
-Verifying the implementation of the minimum security measures in accordance with the relevant security requirements needed for the safe custody of the COMSEC items for which he/she is responsible, in order to prevent compromise
-Performing periodic inventories of the COMSEC items he/she has under his/her responsibility, as per the GSMC COMSEC policy
-Reporting immediately to the COMSEC Officer any security breach, compromise or potential compromise of the COMSEC items he/she has under his/her responsibility
-Distributing the COMSEC items to internal users or external stakeholders according to the GSMC COMSEC Policy, the transportation plans and the GSMC standard operating procedures (SOPs)
-Updating and maintaining the GSMC crypto account SOP

Management and performance of the COMSEC related operational tasks:
-Managing (generate, renew as required, delete and destroy, and distribute) local and inter-site protection keys in accordance with the GSMC concept of operations (CONOPS) and standard operating procedures
-Maintaining the crypto operations procedures and the GSMC non-PRS COMSEC Key Management Plan
-Operating IT and COMSEC equipment for key material management to make equipment ready for use by the operations team
-Managing (generate, account for, renew and distribute as required) the smart cards related to the GSMC communications networks
-Performing crypto-material-related operational tasks assigned to the GSMC by the Galileo Crypto Distribution Authority

Performance of other relevant tasks as required such as:
-Contributing to monthly reports on his/her past and planned activities
-Acting temporarily, while maintaining his/her duties, as backup for any other post of the GSMC in relation to security
-Reporting and contributing to handling breaches of security and compromise of sensitive or classified information
-Contributing to business continuity plans of the GSMC in areas related to his/her responsibilities and in areas related to staff emergency evacuation or relocation (to the other GSMC site)
-Participating in working groups related to the post duties upon designation by GSMC Management
-Contributing to Risk management activities
-Keeping himself/herself informed of the technology developments in the field of cryptography
-Planning for continuity of essential activities during his/her planned absences, by foreseeing and proposing a replacement person and briefing such person of the interim support needed
-Other related tasks as requested by the management

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European GNSS Agency (GSA)
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Jordi Climent-Campins
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