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The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) has set up a selection procedure that aims to establish a reserve list for: Galileo Security Engineer.

All staff of the GSA has been attracted by the unique opportunity of contributing to make the most important project of technology innovation of the EU come true. The vast majority of staff previously worked in the private sector, mostly in competitive industries, and the GSA is applying the best world class practices.

The Galileo Security Engineer shall report to the Security Requirements and Standards Manager of the Security Department and carry out the tasks that will be assigned to him/her, in particular regarding the two main areas of:
– Security engineering support to Galileo Exploitation activities
– Security support to the exploitation and implementation of the Galileo services (including PRS)

Tasks and responsibilities
– Support to the analysis, review and maintenance of the Galileo security requirements baseline according to the different Galileo programme and service milestones and evolutions
– Support to the handling of the Galileo Service Operator (GSOp) security-related activities
– Support to the review and maintenance of the GSOp security-related documentation
– Support to the analysis, review and maintenance of the Galileo security requirements and documentation related to the Galileo Service Centre (GSC), Galileo Reference Centre (GRC) and other facilities under responsibility of the GSA
– Support to the definition of security requirements related to the implementation of Galileo services (including Open Service, Commercial Service, Public Regulated Service) and the relevant implementation follow-up
– Support to the follow-up of the current Galileo operations contracts and assess the impact of changes in the security and in security operations on the GSOp baseline
– Liaise with the GSA Exploitation and Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) teams and provide security engineering support upon request and according to their needs as reflected in the Agency Annual Work Programme
– Contribute to the maintenance and update of the Statement of Compliance to the applicable security requirements in cooperation with the GSMC and ESA
– Support the coordination of the security requirements with the overall exploitation requirements baseline in support to the Exploitation team
– Participate to Galileo technical reviews related to security aspects
– Contribute to the preparation of accreditation files and security risks analyses for the exploitation phases of Galileo and the associated risks treatment plans in cooperation with ESA
– Follow up of the implementation of the security requirements and of the risk treatment plans
– Technical support to the Commission on the GNSS Security Board and associated working groups
– Draft technical notes and reports on Galileo system and service security aspects
– Contribute to the implementation and improvement of the security requirement and standard processes
– Contribute to the definition of requirements for the evolutions of the Galileo system, operations and services
– Assist the Security Requirements and Standards Manager in the management of the contracts providing security support to the team

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