Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) Operations Engineer

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Swanwick (United Kingdom)
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The GSMC Operations Engineer reports to the GSMC Operations Manager. His/her overall role is to ensure the execution of all operations engineering activities in support of GSMC operations and services. His/her work will include the development of operations for upcoming GSMC releases, from requirements to procedures, the organisation of the testing and validation and ensuring that the GSMC operators are trained and certified.

The GSMC Operations Engineer will manage the overall engineering cycle and process, including contract management of external support, support and advice to user requirement definition and management of the schedule and resources for future GSMC operations upgrades.

The GSMC Operations Engineer will organise and execute validation campaigns both for operational and service validation. He/she will ensure the operations design, KPIs collection and other service monitoring metrics.

The GSMC Operations Engineer will be responsible for the training management system deployed by the GSMC and for ensuring the organisation of GSMC training and certification.

Additionally, upon request, he/she will provide advice and expertise to current GSMC Operations, external stakeholders such as Member States and European Institutions and support to Galileo Crisis Management. The GSMC Operations Engineer will also contribute to the operations in the GSMC second site when necessary as per the GSMC Business Continuity Plan.

The jobholder’s tasks and responsibilities shall in principle include (without limitation) and subject to adjustment by his/her reporting line:
-Requirements management, using DOORS, of the GSMC Operations Requirement baseline, including proposing updates to ensure the implementation of new user requirements
-Development of Operational Concepts and Procedures to implement these requirements
-Design and execution of validation campaigns to validate GSMC operations and GSMC Services
-Provision on inputs to the GSMC security accreditation based on the outcome of the validation campaigns
-Ensure the training of GSMC Operators in each new version of the GSMC Operations
-Develop and maintain training material and the GSMC Training Management Systems
-Ensure the Contract Management of an external support contract which will contribute to the completion of the above activities
-Organisation of GSMC Operations Reviews with external stakeholders

With a view to optimise the usage of resources in the event of a crisis, any GSMC Operations Engineer may be required to perform some of the operational duties of a GSMC Operations Analyst or a GSMC Operator. To that extent, the required training will be organised by the GSA and the GSMC Operations Engineer will need to have passed the relevant operational training and evaluations for this role in order to remain qualified for the post and will be required to be available for standby (on call) duty in accordance with the GSA rules for standby duty.

The GSMC envisages up to 3 Operations Engineers. The expectation is that each GSMC Operations Engineer will have focal topics for which they are responsible (e.g. requirement management, operations development, validation, training, contract arrangement) while contributing to all task areas and providing cover for the purposes of continuity.

Frequent missions and temporary relocation to Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France) and occasional ones to other European locations are foreseen for this post.

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European GNSS Agency (GSA)
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Jordi Climent-Campins
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