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Prague (Czech Republic)
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The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) has set up a selection procedure that aims to establish a reserve list for Galileo Service Monitoring/Standardisation Engineer.
All staff of the GSA has been attracted by the unique opportunity of contributing to make the most important project of technology innovation of the EU come true. The vast majority of staff previously worked in the private sector, mostly in competitive industries, and the GSA is applying the best world class practices.

The Galileo Service Monitoring/Standardisation Engineer shall report to the Galileo Service Engineering Manager. Such reporting may change according to potential evolutions of the organisation.

Tasks and responsibilities
– Elaborating and implementing Galileo service and signal performance monitoring activities, conducting technical performance assessments related to Galileo service performance commitments and signals interoperability and compatibility with other systems
– Contributing to the technical management of the Galileo Reference Centre procurement, development and operation activities
– Coordinating Galileo service performance monitoring activities performed by the Member States
– Contributing to the specification and monitoring of the Galileo in-service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
– Analysing in-service performance degradations in order to identify the origins of problems and propose recommendations for corrective measures in liaison with ESA and the Galileo Service Provider
– Liaising with the European Commission and ESA regarding performance monitoring aspects of the Galileo services
– Elaborating and planning Galileo standardisation support activities, managing the execution of the associated technical activities
– Developing the standardisation of the Galileo services within the different user communities and standardisation fora (ICAO, IMO, EUROCAE, RTCA)
– Developing and maintaining Galileo user segments standard requirements, design and operating concepts (incl. Minimum Operational Performance Specifications)
– Contributing to the design of the EGNOS/Galileo Services, of their extensions and of their evolutions (Service Requirements, Service Definition Documents, Performance, User and Signal Requirements and Interfaces)
– Supporting the Galileo Exploitation for any topics related to Galileo services, mission and system evolution, local security activities and contributing to any others tasks of the Department, as necessary

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