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Prague (Czech Republic)
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The Operations and Maintenance Manager reports to the Galileo Service Operations Manager. Nevertheless such hierarchical reporting may change as soon as the Galileo exploitation will enter its next phase.

The tasks and responsibilities shall in principle include (without limitation):
– Technically manage the Galileo Operations and Maintenance sub-contracted activities (Galileo Services Operations (GSOp) contract, SAR Galileo Data Service Provider (SGDSP) contract)
– Maintain the associated technical requirements baseline
– Coordinate the deployment, operations, maintenance and evolution of the Galileo Core infrastructure procured by European Space Agency (ESA) under the Working Arrangement (Ground Segment) with the Service Facilities procured by GSA (Galileo Service Centre (GSC), Return Link Service Provider (RLSP)) or delegated to the service operators (Galileo Data Dissemination Network (GDDN), Time Service Provider (TSP), Geodetic Reference Service Provider (GRSP)) and contributing to the service provision
– Manage the technical interface with the Galileo service provision contractor(s) (GSOp, SGDSP, GSMC, in the future the Commercial Service Providers (CSP)), and in particular the associated KPI regime(s), the maintenance/obsolescence reports, the Service roll-out progress of the new Galileo system releases, the service provision risks and the baseline changes
– Technically manage the service provision and operations changes: baseline configuration changes or deviations, operations processes evolutions and service provision transitions
– Conduct the Service validation and testing, defining the test platforms utilisation plans
– Ensure the technical management of the security aspects of the services provision (related to deployment, operations, maintenance, evolutions) and managing the technical implementation of security risks reductions measures, through the support provided by GSA Security department
– Ensure the timely accreditation of the Galileo Global Component (Core System and Service Facilities) and Galileo Services, by coordinating contributions to pre-Authorisation to Operate (ATO) (under ESA responsibility), achieving ATO and Service Accreditation milestones under GSA responsibility, through the support provided by GSA Security department and the industry (WP1x)
– Coordinate the interfaces with the users of the Galileo Services, ensuring the timely provision of information related to the status of the services through the Galileo Service Centre (Open Service , Commercial Service), SGDSP (SAR) and GSMC (PRS)
-Participate to the Galileo Obsolescence Management review and requirements definition and coordinate the activities for the implementation on the infrastructure
– Ensure the technical interface with the Galileo infrastructure sites hosting entities and national authorities
– Liaise with the GSA Legal and Procurement Department, Finance Department and with the Administration division for procurement and project management activities
– Support the Galileo Service Operations Manager for any topics related to the Galileo services implementation and contribute to other tasks of the department, as necessary

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