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Prague (Czech Republic)
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The Operations Engineer reports to the Galileo Operations and Maintenance Manager. Nevertheless, such hierarchical reporting may change as soon as the Galileo exploitation enters its next phase.

The Operations Engineer tasks and responsibilities shall in principle include (without limitation):
– Contributing to the technical management of the service operations contracts managed by the Agency, in the area of Mission (Ground and Space) operations
– Contributing to review and control operations preparation and baseline operational documentation
– Participating in monitoring the operational validation activities
– Participating in the operations handover by reviewing the related documentation packages
– Reviewing regular reports (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) and ad hoc reports on all topics related to operations, produced by operations contractors
– Reviewing Observation Reports (OR), Anomaly Reports (AR) and Incidents Reports (IR), produced by the operations contractors and participating to related Anomaly Review Boards (ARB)
– Monitoring operations team arrangements/staffing and the adequacy of coordination mechanisms
– Monitoring the collection of operations improvement proposals, produced by the operations contractors
– Reviewing the Deployment/Evolution-related plans, procedures and reports
– Participating in operations planning processes
– Contributing to incident responses
– Participating in the Operations Change Control Board (CCB), reviewing and approving the changes to the operations baseline and the operations improvements proposals
– Supporting the Galileo Operations and Maintenance Manager for any topics related to Galileo services operations and contributing to other tasks of the Galileo Exploitation Department as necessary

For a more detailed job description and further information on the application procedure please visit our career website: http://www.gsa.europa.eu/gsa/jobs-opportunities

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European GNSS Agency (GSA)
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Jordi Climent-Campins
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