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Broadcom releases world’s first dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver

Broadcom_BCM47755 Dual-Frequency GNSS ReceiverNo longer will a high-end, expensive GNSS receiver be required to achieve centimeter accuracy now that Broadcom Limited has announced the launch of its new dual-frequency receiver with such accuracy designed for consumer location-based services (LBS) applications.

Broadcom, a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions, recently announced the world’s first mass-market, dual-frequency GNSS receiver device, the BCM47755, designed to enhance LBS applications for mobile phones, tablets and fitness wearables. Equipped with the latest GNSS innovations, the device is capable of centimeter accuracy with minimal power consumption and footprint, enabling an entirely new suite of high-precision LBS applications including lane-level vehicle navigation and mobile augmented reality (AR). Read more…