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Galileo PRS signal accessible via the cloud

Galileo drone at ordnance surveyIn what is being described as a “world first” the Public Regulated Service (PRS) of the new European satellite network Galileo has been delivered via the “cloud”, paving the way for its automated use by emergency and security services and critical national infrastructure (CNI) as the secure position and timing service of choice across Europe.

The ability to access the PRS via the cloud overcomes a major problem for some potential PRS users due to the security protocols that are required when managing the cryptographic keys needed to access the signals. Read more…

QinetiQ develops GNSS receiver for Galileo PRS

QinetiQ has announced a major breakthrough in developing a robust navigation receiver which will support the new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) Galileo, and particularly the secured Public Regulated Service (PRS) which could become of great use to the shipping and ports sector.

QinetiQ’s new high-performance, next-generation GNSS receiver is multi‑constellation and multi‑frequency, and is designed to process encrypted signals from the Galileo PRS service as well as open services such as GPS. Read more…