Watch Galileo launch-4 live

The seventh and eighth Galileo satellites are scheduled for launch tomorrow, March 27, at 21:46:18 GMT (22:46:18 CET) atop a Soyuz ST-B rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Streaming starts at 21:26 GMT (22:26 CET) at the European Space Agency website.

The first three stages of the Soyuz rocket will take the Galileo satellites and their Fregat upper stage into low orbit. Then the reignitable Fregat, as much a spacecraft as a rocket stage, will take over the task of hauling the satellites higher through a pair of burns. The satellites will be released in opposite directions by their dispenser once they reach their set 22,522 kilometer-altitude orbit 3 hours, 47 minutes, 57 seconds after launch.

The webstream will cover the launch and orbital insertion in two parts:
– Soyuz on its pad, Lift Off, Ascent and first Fregat burn. Starts at 21:26 GMT (22:26 CET) and ends at 22:20 GMT (23:20 CET).
– 2nd Fregat burn, Satellites separation,  Declarations: Starts at 01:22 GMT (02:22 CET) and ends at 02:20 GMT (03:20 CET).

Launch highlights will be posted on ESA TV FTP server within one hour after end of video transmission.
Login: esa
Password: ftp4esa

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