The GSMC, Galileo Security Monitoring Centre

Together with market development and security accreditation, the operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) is one of the core activities entrusted to the GSA (European GNSS Agency) in its Founding Regulation. In particular, the GSMC fulfils a key role in ensuring the security of the Galileo system.

The GSMC operates within the GSA as part of the Galileo infrastructure called the Galileo Security Facility.

The GSMC is located in St. Germain-en-Laye, France and Swanwick, UK

The GSMC is located in St. Germain-en-Laye, France and Swanwick, UK

The GSMC executes a specific function within the GSA in ensuring that the Galileo infrastructure is adequately protected. Following an independent security accreditation process achieved by a separated part of the GSA, the GSMC serves as an operator inside the Agency performing the following unique roles:

  • Facilitating the centralization of the access to Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) for the EU Member States.
  • Providing Galileo security monitoring services and implementing operational measures aimed at maintaining the security of the infrastructure.

Once Galileo begins offering operational services, the GSMC will provide around-the-clock monitoring of the Galileo system’s security. The purpose of this monitoring is to detect accidental or deliberate events that could result in a disruption of services. In the case of such an event, GSMC will inform stakeholders and take measures to protect Galileo in accordance with the direction provided by the European Commission as governors of the Galileo system and with the European Council in the rare event of a critical security threat to the sustained nominal operation of the Galileo system.

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